Cauliflower is a vegetable, the properties and nutritional values each of us should appreciate. If introduced to the diet, it may have a very beneficial impact on the body. There are many options for consuming cauliflower. It can be cooked, baked, eaten raw or in a juice form.

We should always keep in mind that thermal treatment always lowers the vegetables’ level of vitamins and minerals. In that case, juicing is a perfect option to save the most valuable components of a plant. Cauliflower is a pretty dry vegetable, so it is usually not considered a product suitable for juicing that often.

Our article reveals the most common questions related to juicing cauliflower, the benefits of cauliflower juice and its impact on the human body. It also includes a useful infographic with nutrient value of cauliflower juice.

1. Can You Juice Cauliflower?

Cauliflower is a vegetable suitable for juicing. Although it is not a very succulent vegetable at first glance, it is possible to juice it. When using a good masticating juicer, we are able to squeeze the cauliflower and get a decent amount of juice from it.

Tip: When buying a cauliflower for juicing in a grocery shop, take one with a white or creamy head. The cauliflower needs to be also firm, heavy and with compacted, closed florets. Buy cauliflowers with nice, green and not wilted leaves around its head. It is a determinant of vegetables´freshness.

If you have ever wondered if you can juice cauliflower leaves, here comes the answer. You can, and you should juice cauliflower leaves. They are very rich in valuable components, like calcium and iron. The level of calcium in cauliflower juice is the highest among all vegetables.

2. Cauliflower Juice Nutritional Value

Because of its high nutrient value and low-calorie intake, cauliflower is a top-rated cuisine product. Besides, it is also easy to digest. In 3.5 oz / 100 g, there is only 25 kcal. That makes cauliflower a perfect vegetable for people being on a diet. For the most part, Raw cauliflower consists of water – 92%, in 2% from protein. Carbohydrates represent 5% of a whole vegetable, and the fat is barely noticeable. The water level in a plant is impressive. That is why juicing is not a bad idea.

Cauliflower juice is rich in lots of Vitamins, especially Vitamin C, K and Vitamins from group B. It also provides the body with minerals such as Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium and Magnesium. What is surprising, when juicing cauliflower with its green leaves (which surrounds the florets), we supply the body with high levels of Calcium and Iron.

Tip: Store cauliflower in the refrigerator, with the steam up (to prevent excessive moisture and extend its shelf life).

We include the detailed nutrition profile of cauliflower juice in 3.5 oz / 100 ml in the infographic below.

Cauliflower juice nutritional value

As you can observe, cauliflower juice contains almost all of the minerals and vitamins human needs for a body’s proper functioning. That makes it a very valuable component of an everyday diet.

3. Is Cauliflower Juice Good For You?

It is good and beneficial for you to drink cauliflower juice in reasonable portions. Cauliflower juice is a source of antioxidants and helps fight severe diseases like cancer, ulcers, or rheumatoid arthritis.

Cauliflower juice works antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It is crucial when it comes to ulcers and helicobacter pylori caused by it. It helps in the proper functioning of the entire digestive tract and protects from gastrointestinal diseases, such as inflammation of the stomach lining or even stomach cancer. The low glycemic index makes cauliflower juice recommended in a diabetes diet. People with diabetes can grab it without hesitation.

Although cauliflower juice is a very healthy plant, the increased consumption can lead to flatulence and gas. Combining it with ginger juice or garlic juice neutralizes these effects. According to your diet, you should always follow the advice: you can have too much of a good thing.

You should resign from drinking cauliflower juice regularly when you have problems with your thyroid. The cabbage family’s vegetables, like cauliflower, broccoli or cabbage, contain substances that interfere with the absorption of Iodine. Therefore, consuming cauliflower juice in large amounts can cause the syndrome of hypothyroidism. However, as experts claim, drinking it occasionally does no harm for those either.

4. How To Juice A Cauliflower?

The best way to make cauliflower juice, and at the same time keep most of the valuable components of the plant, is to juice it using masticating juicer. The juice you get is clear, light and very refreshing. Consider mixing it with some other fruits or vegetables to get a more pleasant taste. Good choice, matching the cauliflower juice taste is adding carrot and orange.

how to make cauliflower juice

Juicing cauliflower using a masticating juicer can also be absolutely zero waste. The pulp you get can be used to the cauliflower pizza crust. You get a totally different dish by adding a few other ingredients to it, like egg and cheese. The main component of the cauliflower pizza is the pulp you get from juicing.

You can also use a blender to make cauliflower juice. Add to it other ingredients, like apples or pears and blend it all for a few seconds. The juice you get will be very dense and concentrated. The blended mixture you get is very filling, and you can easily replace the meal, like breakfast, with it. Also, when blending the cauliflower, you keep its valuable dietary fibre. The fibre contributes to healthy digestion and keeps the gut in good condition by lowering inflammation. In 3.5 oz of raw cauliflower, there is 2 g of dietary fibre.

Interesting fact: Cauliflowers come in various colours, from white, through light green, to purple.

Enjoy juicing cauliflower and strengthen your body! If you liked our article, feel free to share it.

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