There is no caffeine in fresh-squeezed orange juice. According to Oregon State University, orange juice is a caffeine-free drink that can be healthier and more energizing to drink than coffee. In addition to being a natural fruit, oranges are full of vitamins called flavonoids, which give you a boost of energy in the morning without causing a crash later in the day like coffee.

This article discusses the lack of caffeine in orange juice and how this powerful orange beverage still manages to fuel people across the world each morning. It also discusses the differences between natural versus commercial orange juice.

1. Does Orange Juice Have Caffeine?

Orange juice does not contain any caffeine, but it does contain flavonoids. Flavonoids are natural compounds from the orange that act as stimulants for the brain. After drinking a cup of orange juice, the brain and body functionality are more cohesive. Retention rate increases, and so do reaction time, problem-solving skills, and comprehension. The effects of drinking orange juice are significant.

The flavonoids are responsible for most of the orange’s antioxidants and therefore pass many health benefits onto the drinker.

2. Does Orange Juice Have The Same Effect A Coffee?

orange juice

Orange juice has similar effects to coffee. According to the European Journal of Nutrition, the vitamins and ingredients in OJ can boost alertness and concentration. It is a great replacement for coffee in the morning. In fact, coffee has many drawbacks, such as browning of the teeth, energy crashes, and more. 

According to Pub Med, caffeine can have a sedative effect on the brain. Since orange juice does not contain caffeine, it only causes a waking feeling. The energetic feeling that orange juice brings is a major improvement to coffee. Caffeine can diminish your health and place your mind in a sedated state, making it difficult to decide things on your own.

Drinking orange juice is a great replacement for coffee since it will give the same benefits without a crash later. Drinking orange juice can also increase mental comprehension, attention to detail, and overall work performance.

3. Caffeine In Natural Orange Juice Vs. Caffeine In Commercial Orange Juice

There is no caffeine in natural or commercial orange juice. However, both juices have the same flavonoids from the oranges, which boost energy levels. The energizing effects orange juice produces come primarily from hesperidin and naringenin. These two flavonoids cause blood to flow more rapidly when consumed. Increased blow flow means better awareness and decision-making. 

Consuming natural orange juice is better than commercial orange juice mainly because there may be processed ingredients in commercial juices. Unnatural ingredients like artery-clogging high fructose corn syrup and sugar are common in commercial juices.

3.1. Ingridients In Natural Orange Juice

There is no caffeine in natural orange juices. However, the natural ingredients inside the oranges emulate the caffeine in coffee, tea, or other energy supplements. Therefore, orange juice drinkers’ only energy boost comes from natural ingredients like hesperidin or Vitamin C. These natural ingredients promote healthy immune systems and circulation, which allows the body to move hyper-productively as if they were drinking caffeinated drinks.

Natural orange juice is made with oranges and sometimes water.

3.2. Ingridients In Commercial Orange Juice

Most commercial juices are 100% orange juice, with no additional ingredients except water (if any). The minimal ingredient formulas mean there is no caffeine in commercial orange juice. Despite the lack of caffeine, sugar is abundant inside commercial orange juices. 

3.3. Nutrition Facts In Natural And Commercial Orange Juice

The nutrition facts for every orange juice vary slightly depending on the brand. However, the nutrition facts for oranges are generally the same. When you choose an orange juice brand, observe the amount of sugar they have added to their orange juice by looking at their nutrition chart. 

Sugar can cause headaches and sugar crashes, things you do not want in a natural energy drink.

Nutrition Facts

Serving (1 Orange)




86% (by weight)


1.3 grams


14.8 grams


12 grams


2.8 grams


0.2 grams

Vitamin C

92% of Daily Value (DV)


9% of Daily Value (DV)


5% of Daily Value (DV)


5% of Daily Value (DV)

4. Brands Of Orange Juice With Caffeine In Them 

It is atypical to find an orange juice brand with caffeine in them. Orange juice is considered a caffeine-free beverage, despite how motivated it makes people. There is already natural caffeine inside orange juice, and, therefore, there is no need to enhance the beverage with artificial caffeinating. 

None of the popular juice brands have caffeine in their formulas. Any orange juice with caffeine or high sugars in its formula is typically not a real orange juice. These juices are fake orange juices, and they do not provide the same benefits as natural orange juice or a (regular) commercial orange juice.


Caffeine (mg)

Naturally squeezed

0 mg

Minute Maid

0 mg

0 mg

Simply Orange

0 mg


0 mg

5. Is There Any Caffeinated Orange Juice?

There are no caffeinated orange juices. The only ingredient in most orange juices is oranges -and sometimes water. Even most commercial orange juices are 100% orange juice. Conversions to natural food and healthy eating have made most food companies conscious of their eating and production habits, which have made their food healthier.

Furthermore, the benefits of plain orange juice outweigh caffeinated additives. Even water enhancers or water flavorings are caffeine-free, such as Tang’s liquid drink mix. Most major orange juice brands do not have caffeine in their orange juice, making it easy to cut coffee out of a caffeine-filled diet. 

However, most brands double the sugar in their recipes. Excess sugar can make their orange juices extremely unhealthy and increase the chance of sugar crashes later. Certain brands of commercial orange juice like Sunny D will cause short bursts of energy because of their sugar. They won’t give the fuel needed for long days like natural orange juice.

The best way to convert to an orange juice diet is to drink natural orange juice. Fresh squeeze your juice and drink fresh juice in the morning. According to Oregon State University, drinking a fresh glass of orange juice in the morning promotes a long, energetic day.

6. Conclusion

There is no caffeine in orange juice, but the flavonoids inside make the citrus drink just as energizing as coffee. These flavonoids are more productive than caffeine; they enhance brain functionality and longevity. Orange juice is a great morning drink replacement for coffee. Plus, the lack of caffeine decreases the risk of potential heart problems that caffeine may cause.

Overall, orange juice has the same effect as coffee. It increases circulation in the brain to help with decision-making, problem-solving, and coordination. Replacing a daily coffee with orange juice promotes healthy living and natural mind stimulation.

Orange juice is a great way to start the morning, but drinkers should be cautious when drinking this potentially sugary beverage. Natural orange juice is good for the human body, with health benefits like a better immune system and heart health. Drinking the wrong brand of orange juice might mean more sugar than flavonoids. Sugar will cause headaches, tooth rot, and short bursts of energy followed by crashes.

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