From allergies to diets, the concept of eliminating gluten from one’s consumption can be quite time-consuming for many. Just about anything you can think of has gluten in it, one way or another. Gluten can even find itself within your drinks, which many forget to consider when cutting gluten out of their diets. Let´s find out if orange juice is gluten free.

Orange juice is quite an authentic and traditional drink of which many people consume internationally during their everyday meals, especially breakfast. A nice glass of OG with your bacon and eggs, just before you step outside and head on out to work. It puts a smile on the faces of modern Americans time and time again.

Among the more popular Orange Juice brands, the trend goes as follows. They contain calcium, vitamin D, nutrients, great flavor, and refreshment. But would a drink as simple as orange juice have gluten in it? Is orange juice gluten-free? Here’s what we know: 

Overall, orange juice is primarily and predominantly gluten-free. Oranges themselves do not have gluten within them, and if the juice is considered to be pure orange juice, it would be solely sourced from oranges. Thus rendering it completely gluten-free. 

The following will be an overview of what orange juices are gluten-free and what orange juices are not.

1. Is Orange Juice Gluten-Free?

Orange juice is typically a gluten-free product. This is true regardless of how much calcium or how many vitamins are within the solution. In sum, if the orange juice states it is specifically and only sourced from oranges, you know that it is gluten-free.

Orange juice should not even have gluten when sourced from authentic oranges; non-concentrated, chemically advanced, and genuinely ripe oranges. If you find that the juice states that it has gluten in it, you should not buy it as the company has clearly added additional solutions to enhance and/or maintain what should only be pure orange juice. 

Always check the bottle to ensure that you are not consuming products that could be potentially harmful or inappropriate according to your dietary restrictions.

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2. Which Brends Of Bottled Orange Juice Are Gluten-Free?

There is a number of orange juice brands that are relatively popular and gluten-free: 

  • Tropicana Orange Juice
  • Simply Orange Juice
  • Florida Natural’s Orange Juice
  • Minute Maid Orange Juice
  • And a number of no-name orange juices brands from your local supermarket.

As always, it is best to check the back of the juice if it is a no-name/generic brand to ensure that you are consuming a gluten-free product. 

Is Tropicana Orange Juice Gluten-Free?

Tropicana orange juice is 100% gluten-free! The authentic Tropicana Orange juice is sourced accordingly and is considered gluten-free. Tropicana Pure Premium Original is sourced from genuine/organic oranges of which are freshly squeezed; not concentrated or mixed with any other solutions that would render it riddled with gluten. Known to be 100% pure orange juice as stated by the company and other sources. 

Is Simply Orange Juice Gluten-Free?

Simply Orange juice is a very popular orange juice that you can find in just about any store near you. Simply Orange juice is gluten-free. You should not be purchasing orange juice with the expectation that it would have gluten. Always check the side of the bottle or carton to be sure, but it is not supposed to be in there in general. 

Is Florida Orange Juice Gluten-Free?

Florida Natural Orange Juice is gluten-free with calcium and vitamin D. The product is dairy-free, egg-free, and peanut-free as well. You can expect this from all Florida Natural Orange Juices. 

Florida Natural Orange Juice has Calcium and Vitamin D with some pulp in the basic version. They are proud to say that their orange juice provides the consumer with just as much calcium as a regular glass of milk, being 100% pure and fresh.

Is Minute Maid Orange Juice Gluten-Free?

Minute Maid orange juice is gluten-free! Never sweetened; made from ripe, organic/natural oranges. This orange juice is never supposed to contain any form of gluten throughout the product whatsoever.

3. Which Orange Juices Are Not Gluten-Free?

There are no pure orange juices that have gluten in them. If you are purchasing genuine orange juice or which states that it was juiced from oranges and only contains orange juice should not have gluten.

In sum, there should not be any gluten in your orange juice. You would have to be experiencing something like a manufacturing accident, or maybe even a counterfeit product. You should not even find gluten in no-name products, as this is just not what orange juice is anticipated to nor is supposed to contain. 

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4. Conclusion

So is Orange Juice Gluten-Free? The short answer is, yes! You now know a number of orange juice brands that are gluten-free, and under what circumstances you should evaluate whether or not the juice might have additional solutions within the product.

Orange juice is not supposed to have gluten in it, and so, if there is gluten in the orange juice you are going to purchase, it is either not automatically sourced or not fully disclosing what the blend consists of. That leaves significant room for concern and should be avoided unless substantial reasoning is provided.

Treat yourself to a nice glass of OG with a hardy breakfast, knowing good and well that you are not stepping out of the bounds of whichever diet you’ve set out for yourself. 

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