1. What is garlic juice good for?

Garlic is known for a long list of benefits – it boosts the immune system, improves cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of heart diseases, lowers blood pressure, improves bone health and even improves physical performance.

Garlic was used since ancient times as a remedy for many conditions and keeps its value till today. In modern times, it was discovered that for most of the healthy substances garlic owes to sulfur compounds, which become active when garlic is being crushed or juiced.

On the image below, we present the full list of the nutrients present in one garlic clove:

1 garlic clove facts

2. How to make garlic juice?

The best way to get the most juice out of the garlic clove is to run it through masticating juicer. This type of juicer is perfectly suitable for juicing dry vegetables, leafy greens, ginger and even some nuts. So, garlic is not an exception. When making vegetable juice together with a clove ( or two ) of garlic, juicing enthusiasts recommend juicing garlic first so that the rest of ingredients would clean the juicer auger from the garlic odor. 

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Before putting garlic in a juicer, we highly recommend peeling every garlic clove to remove any bacteria that might be present there. Cloves are peeled easier if they are squashed against the table or chopping board with the flat side of the knife. 

If you don’t have a masticating juicer, you still can make garlic juice manually. For that, you will need a garlic press and a strainer. Place a garlic clove into a garlic press and crush it, then place that puree into a strainer. Make sure to put a bowl under a strainer, to catch the liquid. Press down or rub the garlic puree against the strainer to make the juice run through it into the bowl.

3. Can I drink raw garlic juice?

You can drink raw garlic juice, but due to its strong odor, it is more commonly used as an ingredient to another vegetable juice and not consumed raw. Drinking raw garlic juice can irritate the digestive system, but adding a clove of garlic into your juicer together with other vegetables is a good practice to give your drink a vitamin boost.

You can, for example, juice five carrots together with one clove of garlic and optionally add an inch of ginger. This juice is perfect for detoxification and prevention of flu and colds. 

Another great garlic drink is garlic tea. This anti-flu remedy is a drink made of honey, lemon and garlic. Just add 3 peeled and cut in few pieces garlic cloves into a pot filled with 3 glasses of water. Heat it until it is boiling, then remove from the heat and add 1/2 cup of lemon juice and 1/2 cup of honey. Garlic tea is ready!

4. Can I drink garlic juice every day?

Starting a day with a glass of a juice with garlic or just garlic water is a perfect habit which will strengthen the immune system, reduce cholesterol levels and may help with weight loss. According to some studies, regular consumption of garlic reduces the risk of cholesterol cancer by 30 %. The daily recommended dose of garlic for an adult is two cloves. This amount of garlic can be consumed within a homemade veggie juice, garlic tea or just garlic water ( cut garlic claw in half and add to the glass of water. )

We recommend consuming raw garlic, that way in contains most of its nutrition value. There is nothing wrong about cooking garlic and adding it to you dishes, but that way its’ benefit lays mostly in the delicious taste and not its healthy substances. 

5. Does garlic water help you lose weight?

Garlic contains the compounds responsible for reducing body fat. The researches have shown that sulfur-containing compounds, in particular allicin which is present in raw garlic, stimulate the fat-burning process, prevent obesity and other metabolic disorders. Also, garlic is known for boosting energy, which in its turn helps to burn calories more efficiently if you do any sport. 

The best way to consume garlic for weight loss is to mix a couple of crushed claws in warm water and drink it as the first drink every morning. To maximize the effect you can also add some lemon juice, which is known as another effective weight-loss stimulant. 

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We hope you found this article informative and useful. Be aware, that before starting any diet it is better to consult with your dietitian in order to receive more personalized recommendations based on your physical condition. 

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