Be eco-friendly! If you are a juice lover and you care about our planet, a manual juicer is a device you need in your kitchen. Squeezing citrus fruit can be real fun, without using any artificial energy, just a bit of your own muscles’ strength! 

We want you to enjoy your daily juicing! Check out the diversified list of hand juicers in order to choose the most suitable device for you. Our selection is varied by price range, operation of the juicer, and the main purpose.  

Zulay Citrus Juicer

Price: $99.99  $79.99

With this hand press juicer, you will squeeze fruit without any effort. It gives you a large amount of juice from all citruses, with a simple pulling off the grip handle down.

Zulay Professional Heavy Duty Citrus Juicer is made of stainless steel and comes in different cool color versions. The cast iron body makes this hand juicer very stable. Rubber feet on the bottom prevent it from slipping on the kitchen counter and falling on the floor.

When juicing a large amount of fruit, you will have to clean it, from time to time, from seeds and pulp pieces. This professional juicer will work perfectly in your kitchen at home and in a restaurant, bar, or coffee place.   


  • very easy to use
  • cool old school design
  • no difficulty in cleaning
  • made of durable material


  • requires quite a lot of space on the counter
  • from time to time between squeezing needs to be cleaned
  • some pulp can get into jour juice
  • crashed seeds can give a bitter taste to the juice
Zulay lemon squeezer

Price: $24.99 $21.99

Another item from Zulay company is this small and convenient hand press juicer. With this device, you will get juice from lemons and limes with no seeds.

It is small and easy to store in your kitchen, among other items. Zulay lemon squeezer will not crack in your hands while juicing, thanks to its sturdy build. In case something ever happens, you can easily return/replace the product because of its lifetime guarantee. 

Tip: By cutting off the lemon ends, you can squeeze more juice out of it because it fits better into the squeezer.  


  • user-friendly
  • easy to clean
  • made of stainless steel
  • dishwasher friendly
  • lifetime guarantee


  • quite expensive
  • short power cord
  • takes up a lot of space
Lexen GP27

Price: $49.95 44.95

This old school looking hand juicer is perfect for multiple purpose juicing. It easily squeezes juice from wheatgrass, celery, lettuce, parsley, kale, spinach, or any other leafy vegetable you want. We believe it is the principal value of this item.

It will also work with carrots or other hard vegetables, but if those kinds of vegetables are the primary purpose, we suggest choosing other item. Despite its complicated look, it can be cleaned very easily.

The Healthy Juicer product is something in between the simple hand press and an electric juicer. The “motor” of this item is a Hand-Crank, which you have to spin around to get your fresh, green juice.

The only thing you need is a sturdy table or counter in your kitchen. The juicer has a secure-locking suction base and a table clamp to stand stable on the surface.


  • perfect leafs juicer
  • made of solid materials
  • very efficient
  • easy to cleanup


  • big
  • needs a solid table
  • more significant vegetables/fruit needs to be cut into smaller pieces
OXO good grips

Price: $14.99

This plastic hand squeezer is suitable for all kinds of citruses. It comes together with the cup placed under the squeezer. Due to the measurement markings on it, you know exactly how much juice you already pressed (up to 350 ml).

OXO citrus juicer has two sizes of the reamer. That is why it can easily be at the same time lime, orange, or even grapefruit juicer. Its body is shaped for comfortable holding in one hand while squeezing with the other.

The juicer is made of plastic; it is free from BPA and can be safely clean in the dishwasher. This OXO juicer we consider more suitable for occasional purpose than for high volume squeezing.


  • reasonable price
  • dishwasher safe
  • very easy to clean
  • goes with two sizes of the reamer


  • made of plastic, will not last for ages
  • can leave some pulp in your juice
Drizom citrus juicer

Price: $16.99

This kitchen tool is not only a citrus fruit juice squeezer. Thanks to the changeable upperparts, it is also a grater and an egg yolk separator. Besides, It doesn’t take much space in the kitchen (you can hide all elements inside it).

A significant advantage of this multifunctional item is the measurement markings on the cup.

It is made of food-grade ABS material, stainless steel, and it’s BPA-Free. The reamer is provided with 12th teeth to squeeze the maximum of juice from one lemon. The large 3-claw reamer is designed to get maximum juice from bigger fruit, like orange or even grapefruit.


  • multifunctional, can be used not only as a juicer
  • dishwasher friendly
  • easy to store, doesn’t take much space
  • two variants of the reamer


  • the seeds may go through the reamer into your juice
Helix citrus juicer

Price: $20.00

What makes this hand squeezer stand out among the others? It demands only a minimum of power from its user. One can say it is hassle-free. All because of its unique twisting mechanism. You need to put the fruit inside it and twist the handles against each other.

This Citrus Juicer requires horizontal, not vertical squeezing. That is why it is powered more by shoulders, not hands strength.   

Joseph Joseph’s hand juicer is made of durable, safe materials like stainless steel and nylon. It consists of two parts, easily separated and even easier cleaned (also in the dishwasher).


  • only minimal muscle strength needed
  •  no seeds in juice
  • easy to clean


  • only for small citruses, like lemons and limes
  • squeezes around 80 % of a fruit

Summing up

Hand squeezers are easy to clean, but most of them demand a decent amount of strength from their user. They are perfect for occasional usage, preferably not for large scale juicing. Just imagine squeezing dozens of oranges or grapefruits with your bare hands… sounds tiring.

Unfortunately, with manual juicing, you cannot squeeze all the juice from the fruit. But it also happens with many electric juicers. 

The number one product for us is – Zulay Professional Heavy Duty Citrus Juicer, which is more expensive than the others and more efficient, durable, and suitable for daily use.