Choosing the right Juicer for making fresh juice at home is not that easy. With such a wide range of options, lots of companies offering multiple types of juicers, it occurs to be not just a piece of cake. You should do research on your needs, choose a few items, and check out the reviews of the products and ratings made by users.

First of all, you need to ask yourself what types of products you intend to juice? What are your favorite vegetables and fruits? Do you have a lot of time for juicing, and how often you want to do this?

Consider buying the Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer if, among your favorite juicing products, you name hard vegetables, like, for example, carrots or beetroots.

In this article, we get the BJE430SIL on the record. Later we will discuss the technical aspects of the Juicer, its pros, and cons and give it our review.

1. Quick Summary

Breville Juicer Fountain
  • Breville Juice Fountain Cold is a Centrifugal Juicer that uses high-speed technology. It has two types of speed to adjust the proper speed to the juiced product.
  • The 3-inch feeder chute enables BJE430SIL to juice the whole fruits and vegetables. There is no need to cut anything into smaller pieces.
  • The technology of cold spinning lowers the heating process while juicing.
  • Breville goes with a large jug allowing it to store large amounts of juice.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages



very fast, makes juice in just a few seconds

loud while working

suitable for hard fruits and vegetables

not efficient with leafy greens, cut parts of leaves goes into the pulp container without squeezing

wide feeder chute, which can fit the whole apple

soft fruits, like oranges, are not entirely squeezed

two types of speed (low and high)

the pulp which goes into the container is quite wet

overload protection LED (for safety usage)

has a lot of parts, including a big screen, which makes it not easy to clean

the big chute not safe with kids can harm the small hand when not careful

may lower the nutrient value of the juice because of heat produced while juicing

produces a significant amount of foam in the juice, which indicates the oxidation process while juicing (nutrient value of juice is lower)

only one year warranty

3. Features in details

3.1. Performance

Breville Centrifugal Juicer’s motor is very powerful (850Watt). It processes even the toughest vegetable roots and fruits quickly and without much effort.

The Cold Spin Technology minimizes the damage of valuable vitamins and minerals. However, it heats the juiced product but not more than 1.8 °C / 35°F. 

If the juicer is overloaded, the LED signal is visible. It helps to keep the motor safe and lasts longer.

The detachable spout helps to channel the juice directly into the glass or jug.   

3.2. Design

The compact size and contemporary design make it look very pleasant among the other kitchen items on the counter. It comes in silver steel color. The parts are made of transparent plastic. Only the pulp container and food pusher are in darker shades.

The unique design of the chute feed saves your time. You don’t have to prepare the products by cutting them. They will fit into the chute. By using the pusher, the juice is done in less than a minute.

3.3. Cleaning

Many sharp elements inside the filter make it a bit harder to clean. A substantial help here is the cleaning tool, which goes with the juicer. 

The number of parts you need to clean after juicing is seven. 

Unfortunately, most parts, like the jug, a cover, and the sealing lid, have to be washed manually. They are not dishwasher safe.

Tip : To lower the number of items to clean after juicing, you can put the plastic, biodegradable bag inside the pulp container.

3.4. Easy to Use 

BJE430SIL is very easy and quick to use. The additional facility is that you don’t need to cut vegetables and fruits into very small pieces. It easily handles whole apples or carrots. That allows the user to save time on preparing the products before juicing. 

Putting juicer’s parts together is not difficult, but it can take some time.

The Breville Fountain shoots with a juice stream like a fountain, so make sure you placed the jar correctly. In other circumstances, juice can be everywhere.

The mechanism is very easy to operate. There are only two options of speed to choose – low and high. Although, the second one is a bit noisy. You can barely hear your thoughts.  

3.5. Products it can handle

Carrots, Beetroots, apples, sweet potatoes, ginger, etc., are the products perfect for juice in BJE430SIL. 

We can not say that Breville Juice Fountain handles all types of products the same. It fits the hard vegetables the best.

3.6. Juice Quality

The juice which comes into the jar is very clear, highly filtered, and extracted from the pulp. However, the foam on the top is quite big and doesn’t taste that well. 

Unfortunately, when juicing soft fruits and leafy greens, the efficiency is not that high. In the pulp container, after juicing spinach, the whole, not squeezed pieces of the leaves were inside. The pulp after juicing oranges was very wet, which suggests it was not juiced enough.

3.7. Warranty Period

The juicer has only one year warranty. In our opinion, this occurs to be a bit too short according to the product price. 

Plastic parts do not seem to be durable enough to last for years, especially when you are a regular juicing enthusiast and juice every day.

4. Tecnical Specifications

Type of Juicer

Centrifugal Juicer




850 Watt


6,5000 RPM (low) & 13,000 RPM (high)


11 lbs / 5 kg

Feed chute wide



Micro mesh


15.7” x 7” x 16.3”


1 year

One package includes:

  • motor
  • juicer cover
  • food pusher
  • pulp container
  • filter basket
  • filter bowl surround
  • jug (70 oz/ 2l) with cover
  • small detachable spout (for directing the juice stream)
  • cleaning brush
Breville Inside

5. Summing up

What needs to be emphasized is that the Breville Juice Fountain Cold makes juice very quickly. To get the juice out of a few carrots at once takes Breville only a few seconds. Thanks to its High-Speed Technology and the wide chute. The juicing speed of BJE430SIL is very impressive. 

Another feature we like is the quality of the juice. If you like clear, free pulp juice, Breville will satisfy you. What is a disadvantage? A decent part of products, unfortunately, goes to the waist. It is not that efficient as we hoped it to be. 

The design of the juicer is nice and modern. It is also not heavy but stays stable on the kitchen worktop while working. 

The Centrifugal Juicer’s main con is that it is primarily suitable only for hard, root products, like carrot or beetroot. It doesn’t handle that well with soft fruits and leafy greens.

Because of many parts, it is also not easy and quick to clean. Plus, you need to be very careful when cleaning the filter because it has many sharp parts. It is better to use the brush included in the set. 

To conclude, like every product on the market, the Breville Juice Fountain Cold has its pros and cons. It is pretty popular among the users, and the price of the item is affordable. 

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