Juicing is just another way of consuming fruits and vegetables. In the process of juicing all the nutrients from various products are packed in one cup of your juice. Instead of eating half of a big cabbage or dozen of mushrooms, you can easily fit them in a glass of juice.

In this article we present four amazing products suitable for juicing. Sweet potato, cabbage, cauliflower and even mushroom would probably not come first into your mind when it comes to juicing. Check out an exclusive interview with our nutrient consultant – Karolina, a medicinal chemist, who explains a few puzzling questions related to juicing these products.

1. Quick overview of the products

Sweet potato juice

  • While consuming the regular raw potato is harmful and can cause fiver, stomachache and diarrhea, raw sweet potato is on the contrary very healthy and can be juiced without any doubt. It is full of vitamins and minerals.

Cabbage juice 

  •  You can easily juice different types of fresh, uncooked cabbage, like white, red and even Chinese cabbage. Consider mixing it with some other ingredients to make your cabbage juice tastier.   

Mushroom juice 

  • Mushrooms contain a high level of protein. They are rich in minerals and help to absorb Vitamin D into your body cells. The savory taste of mushroom added to vegetable juice can be a tasty and healthy supplementation.

Cauliflower juice

  • Cauliflower is a perfect addition to apple and leafy greens juice. It is rich in fibre and vitamins, such as vitamin C, B6, K. Juicing cauliflower causes zero waste, because from the pulp which you get after juicing, you can make a cauliflower casserole. One medium-size cauliflower head weighs around 20 oz, and you can get one or one and a half of glass

2. Q&A with a nutrition expert Karolina

Best Juicer place: How drinking sweet potato juice can benefit us?

Karolina: It can benefit us in many ways. To name a few, it helps to maintain good memory, reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer, keeps blood sugar levels, contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Best Juicer Place: Are there any downsides in case of excessive consumption of sweet potato juice?

Karolina: Sweet potatoes are very healthy; they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, they also have quite a high glycemic load. That is why people with diabetes and those on a diet should reduce the sweet potato juice intake. Furthermore, sweet potatoes are incredibly loaded with vitamin A. One potato has even 473% of its daily needed volume. Vitamin A tends to accumulate in the body. When its level is too high, it can result in temporary coloring skin and nails in an orangish tone. It is the signal to limit the consumption of products rich in vitamin A for a while.   

The table below shows how much juice you can get from each of these four products:

1 sweet potato

1 cabbage

1 white button

1 cauliflower

1/2 of a glass

6-7 glasses

1 teaspoon

1.5 of a glass

Best Juicer Place: Why to drink cabbage juice?

Karolina: Cabbage is one of these vegetables which are widely available in many types. This vegetable often guests on our tables prepared in various ways – cooked or raw, but we don’t use it commonly as an ingredient of a juice. To provide the body with a larger portion of vitamins and minerals present in cabbage, we can juice it. Instead of eating half of the cabbage, we can easily fit it in a portion of juice, mixing it with other vegetables or fruits like lemon or apple.

Best Juicer Place: Which vitamins and minerals contain cabbage juice?

Karolina: Cabbage juice is loaded with vitamins, like C, A, E, K, and an extensive range of vitamins B complex. It is also rich in minerals like manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and copper. Consuming cabbage juice supplies us with this large range of beneficial elements. 

Chinese cabbage juice

Best Juicer Place: Is Chinese cabbage suitable for juicing? 

Karolina: Chinese cabbage is very juicy, that is why we can easily get a large portion of its juice while using masticating juicer. Its juice works anti-inflammatory, it reduces puffiness and swelling caused by excess fluid level in the body. Chinese cabbage juice helps to fight with anemia, stomach ulcers, and liver problems. 

Best Juicer Place – What kind of mushrooms can be juiced? 

Karolina: Basically, all kinds of edible mushrooms are suitable for juicing. The most common and accessible in every grocery shop are white buttons. 

Best Juicer Place – Do we need a particular juicer to make a mushroom juice?

Karolina: You don’t need any juicer to get mushroom juice. All you need to do is steam them for a few minutes, then cut in smaller pieces and press them through the strainer. Juice prepared that way you can add to various recipes and get valuable mushrooms’ nutrients. My favourite recipe is mushroom juice combined with lime or lemon juice and ginger shoot. If you don’t have that much time to juice mushrooms, you can add mushrooms to your shake or juice in powder form.

Best Juicer Place: Can you tell us what are the cauliflower juice consumption benefits?

Karolina: First of all, cauliflower juice is an excellent source of antioxidants. By consuming it regularly, you can boost your immune system, and defend your body against microbes. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to the substance named sulforaphane, cauliflower juice helps with diabetes, various heart diseases and detoxifies the leaver. It also lowers the risk of such a severe illness as cancer. 

Best juicer Place: Tell us about the cauliflower vitamins value. 

Karolina: Cauliflower is one of these great vegetables which is low in calories, and at the same time packed with vitamins and minerals. Half of a cauliflower juice cup contains a lot of vitamin C, more than 70% of its volume needed per day. Moreover, it has 20% of the recommended dietary intake of Vitamin K and 11% of the daily portion of vitamin B6.

We hope you enjoyed the interview, and will try juicing these extremely healthy products to make yourself feel better!

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