Cabbage will probably not come to your mind first when thinking about juicing. That is something we need to change! This seemingly ordinary vegetable is packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. While eating a whole cabbage at once can be problematic, drinking a glass of cabbage juice sounds much easier to manage. A great benefit of juicing is that a great amount of the vegetable will fit into one glass easily. 

It is high time to make some changes in your diet and introduce cabbage juice into it.

1. What are the benefits of cabbage juice?

Cabbage is well known as a very healthy vegetable, we can say it is a superfood. Another great value of cabbage is that it is very low in calories. 100 g of cabbage has only 25 calories. These are especially significant news for those who want to lose weight. From one average size cabbage (3.5kg / 7.7lbs) you can get around 6-7 glasses of juice. Raw cabbage can be preserved for a long time in your kitchen. Not necessarily in the fridge, it can be stored at room temperature for about two weeks. In the fridge, it can last even longer, up to 3 weeks.   

Is cabbage juice good for you? Definitely yes! It is rich in Vitamins: C, A, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, zinkus and copper. 

A large amount of Vitamin C boosts the immune system of your body. Together with vitamin K is an excellent weapon to eliminate free radicals. That is very important because those are responsible mainly for heart diseases and cancer. Anticarcinogenic effects are also provided by activation of estrogen metabolism in our body. This mechanism is responsible for fighting colon, lungs, prostate, ovary and stomach cancer. Vitamin K improves the functioning of the brain and helps with concentration. It is also very useful when it comes to problems with dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. 

With the help of cabbage juice, you can remove toxins from your body, especially from your liver. Potassium enables blood pressure control and aids with hypertension. Drinking juice from cabbage is also good for headaches, especially chronic ones. With folic acid and iron present in all leafy greens, cabbage reduces the feeling of fatigue, supports and boosts metabolism. Manganese takes part in many processes of your body. First of all, it metabolises cholesterol, amino acids, carbohydrates and glucose. It takes part in blood clotting, bone formation and reduces inflammation.

The interesting fact about cabbage is that it contains a special vitamin, not so commonly known – vitamin U. It is also found in other leafy greens and green vegetables, like spinach, kale or celery. Have you ever heard about it? To be strict it’s an enzyme called s-methylmethionine responsible for supporting the digestive system and intestinal tract. 

Cabbage juice is suitable not only for consumption but also for compresses. Cabbage poultice is especially helpful for those who suffer from joint pains caused by arthritis and rheumatism.

1 glass of cabbage juice nutrition value

2. Does cabbage juice make you lose weight?

Cabbage juice contains digestive fibre, which keeps you full for a longer amount of time. Prolonged feeling of satiety prevents you from snacking between meals and gaining excessive weight. We already mentioned that it is very low in calories. ¼ cup of cabbage juice contains only 8 calories. Due to its purifying effect on the intestines, cabbage juice helps with digestion and removes the food waste from your body.

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3. Is cabbage juice good for ulcers?

Gastric and stomach ulcers are serious diseases. Those placed in the stomach are caused most commonly by bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. Other factors provoking gastric ulcers could be smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs.  

The natural ulcer medication is cabbage juice. By drinking it every day you can make a significant contribution in healing stomach ulcers. The improvement may come after about ten days of daily usage. Extremely helpful in healing and preventing this disease are vitamin C – the great antioxidant.

4. Is cabbage juice good for your skin?

Because of the huge amount of minerals cabbage juice makes your skin stronger and gives it a radiant appearance. It also slows the ageing processes of the skin. Responsible for that are sulphur and silicon, known as “beauty minerals”. 

Cabbage juice is not only good for your skin, but it improves the condition of your hair also. 

It significantly reduces hair loss, makes them stronger and shinier. Both Vitamins K and C keep the hair follicles in good condition and make them circulate the scalp oil.


5. How to make a cabbage juice?

It is very easy to make fresh cabbage juice on your own. All you need is a masticating juicer or blender. You can add to your juice other ingredients: vegetables, fruit and leaves, like kale, celery, carrot, beetroot, apple, lemon, orange and other. All depending on the flavour you would like to get.  

To make juice in a blender, you need to peel a few leaves, wash it and blend it. Strain the prepared liquid, and your beverage is ready to drink. You can also drink it skipping straining and you will get a consistency of a smoothie. With apple, celery and lemon it will get a delicious taste.    

With the masticating juicer, the process is even less complicated. You have to put a piece of cabbage (around ¼ of the whole head) into the juicer together with all other ingredients you want, for example, apple, kale and half of lemon. You will get a healthy, pulpless, fresh juice. 

If you don’t have any of these kitchen devices at home you can get a masticating juicer, or blender, using our recommendations from articles in the links below.

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6. Can I drink cabbage juice every day?

You can add cabbage juice to your everyday diet to get all the benefits of it and get a solid portion of antioxidants. Cabbage juice has a healing impact on the whole body including anti-inflammatory effects not only on the digestive tract but also on liver, brain, skin and hair. It prevents cancer, ulcer and other serious health problems.  

A glass of fresh juice every day will certainly have a valuable impact on your body and health. 

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