Beets became very popular not only in culinary but also in medicinal and cosmetic matters; this vegetable is often included in the diet for weight loss. All of its valuable qualities are also present in its juice, which can be a great alternative to a whole beet.

Beet juice is known primarily for its medicinal and healing properties. Specialists recommend it as a cure for many diseases. This drink can even fight cancer cells and is used in modern medicine to treat and prevent cancer.

But there are still many questions about the benefits and harms of this product. What are the benefits of drinking beetroot juice first thing in the morning? Can I drink it if I have high blood pressure? How to make and drink freshly squeezed beet juice correctly? What are the possible contraindications? The answers to all these questions can be found in this article.

1. Drinking Beetroot Juice First Thing In The Morning

Beet juice is undoubtedly an incredibly healthy drink. But not everyone knows when to drink beet juice – in the morning or evening? Before or after meals to get the maximum effect on health? We asked these questions to our nutritionist Karolina, and the answer we have received is:

It is recommended to drink beet juice in the first part of the day, particularly early morning, 20-30 minutes before breakfast. Consuming it on empty stomach results in better absorption of the nutrients. However, it is essential to wait for at least two hours before drinking freshly squeezed beet juice; otherwise, it can be harmful.

Unlike most other vegetable juices, beetroot can’t be consumed directly after juicing. That is why, if you are planning to drink it in the morning, we recommend preparing it in the evening and putting it in the fridge for the night. 

The fact is that beet contains elements that are toxic to the human body. If the juice is consumed directly after squeezing it – it can make you feel dizzy and nauseous. Fortunately, these substances disappear after a while. Therefore, after keeping the juice for a couple of hours in the fridge, you can safely drink it and enjoy its benefits in the total amount.

So, coming back to the benefits of drinking it in the morning, these are:

1. Cleanses the body from toxins

Morning beet juice detox helps the body get rid of unnecessary toxins accumulated in the intestines for years and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. 

2. Strengthens the resistance to viruses

Beet juice strengthens the immunity and resistance to viruses mainly due to the high content of vitamin C in the vegetable, which is especially important during the spread of viral infections.

3. Rejuvenates and improves skin color

Various cosmetic masks and creams are made based on beet because it is known for improving skin and hair condition. It moisturizes and tightens the skin, helps to get rid of freckles and age spots.

4.Helps with weight loss

The substances present in beet juice can burn fat, regulate lipid metabolism and lower cholesterol. For this purpose, it is recommended to drink the juice in the early morning as a mix with other juice ( apple or carrot ). Beet juice can be added in small amounts.

5. Increases energy

Scientific researches have shown that it increases stamina by about 16%, thereby allowing people to stay physically active longer. The reason for this is the elements in beets, which reduce the body’s oxygen consumption, thereby increasing its ability to conserve energy.

6. Helps with digestion

Helps with digestion and serves as an effective remedy for gastritis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, and ulcer.

7. Cures hemorrhoids

The usefulness of beet juice has also been proven in healing hemorrhoids. To do this, you need to drink it on an empty stomach 1,5oz three times a day.

8. Good for blood pressure

Consumption of juice leads to a decrease in blood pressure already in an hour after taking it.

9. Prevents cancer

Beets contain a large amount of cancer-preventing substances. It cleanses the body from free radicals, toxins, radionuclides.

10. Good for nervous system

Effectively combats stress and depression, prevents the development of diseases of the nervous system.

This is, of course, not a complete list of beneficial properties of this fantastic juice, but even from that list, you can see that the benefits from drinking beet juice first thing in the morning are huge.

2. How much of beet juice is safe? How to drink it?

how much of beet juice is safe

Pure beet juice can hardly be considered a tasty drink, and that’s why it’s more often used for health purposes than for pleasure. In any case, you can not drink a lot of it; otherwise, nausea and dizziness can be provoked. Even for therapeutic purposes, it is recommended to use beet juice in mixes with other vegetables. You can mix it with carrot, apple, or pumpkin juice. If you are new to drinking beet juice, make sure that the proportion of other juice is three times higher than beet juice. Over time, the ratio of beet in the drink can be increased.

The recommended daily dose of pure beet juice should not exceed 1.5oz ( 50ml). It is enough to drink it three times per week, 20 minutes before the meal. 

If you drink pure beet juice, do it no longer than for two weeks, rest for the next two weeks, and repeat the session after. If you drink it mixed with other juice, then you can practice it for a few months.

It is not recommended to drink beet juice at a pre-bedtime, it is known for energy-boosting and may prevent you from quality sleep. The best time for drinking it is the first half of the day.

3. How to make beet juice?

It is effortless to make beet juice at home. You can use a juicer, blender or do it manually if you lack any of these kitchen appliances. If you decide to do it manually, you will need a grater and a gauze. Better if your grater is plastic and not metal. In contact with metal, beetroot tends to oxidize. Grate the beet and then strain it through the gauze. Of course, you won’t make a lot of juice that way, so it is way more convenient to use a juicer.

In this article we discuss the best juicers available on the market – Best Masticating Juicers

Juice hard, rich in red color beets. Make sure you thoroughly wash and peel the beet before juicing. By the way, can you also juice beet greens if you are wondering. More about it in the article – can you juice beet greens?


Beet juice is full of health benefits, especially if you drink it in the mornings. However, it is also essential to know how and in what proportions to drink it in order to strengthen your well-being instead of causing the opposite effect. 

Now you know how to drink it safely! Enjoy your beets!

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